Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Magnetism by Escada

Escada Magnetism Perfume

Perfume of the Day: Magnetism by Escada

Escada Magnetism Perfume

Magnetism woman is on cloud nine and in seventh heaven.

She believes in miracles happening at the eleventh hour and in second chances.

Her magnetism make her look like a million dollars, and she is always one step ahead of destiny.

She plays tango with her own shadow when she is all alone, because after all, it takes two to sway the hips.

She is a gem in the jungle paved with dust and she leaves a strong aftertaste in the mouth of those brave enough to steal a kiss from a lioness.

Her aura is bright and she smells like toffees, like childhood happiness immortalized in the kitchen table, a child’s heart tempted by caramel treats.

She is a magnet that draws everyone in her world of playfulness, a world in which the main currency is good times, exchanged for a handful of smiles and a bucket of happy thoughts…

This is how Escada’s Magnetism Perfume will make you feel: Sensual, Energetic, Flirty! 

Notes: pineapple, black currant, melon, red berries, cassia, litchi, magnolia, iris, green leaves, freesia, basil, jasmine, caraway, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, rose, almond blossom, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, benzoin, caramel, vetiver and vanilla.

Style: Sensually warm fragrance perfect for the colidsh fall and winter nights when the leaves on the curb are asking your feet for a dance…


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