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Perfume of the Day: O De L’orangerie by Lancome

O De L`orangerie Lancome

Perfume of the Day: O De L’orangerie by Lancome

O De L`Orangerie Lancome Perfume Review By Scentbird

O De L’orangerie woman is this planet’s source of positivity. If  Pharrell Williams’s Happy song would have been a person, it would have been her. She pumps the positive tunes and thinks about the beauty that surrounds this world, she thinks about the good life.

She is addicted to dance, she is addicted to moves, she is a healthy-living addict. You will often see her pumping irons and tunes at the same time.

She is creative, aroused, and thinks in fifty shades of pink.

She is always composed, calm, fresh, natural, dewy as a flower, and picks the good vibes from the sun like she is picking an orange.

Lancome’s O De L’orangerie perfume is crisp, fresh, greenishly floral scent with a noble and positive vibe that celebrates life and happiness.

Notes: Orange blossom, Orange zest, Jasmine, Benzoin, Cedarwood.

Style: Fresh, Positive, Light


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