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Perfume of the Day: Lil’ Angel by Harajuku Lovers2 min read

12/08/2014 2 min read

Perfume of the Day: Lil’ Angel by Harajuku Lovers2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minuteslil'angel harajuki lovers

Lil’ Angel woman has an angelic face with devilish eyes. She is an angel indeed, until the moment she trims her wings, she sheds her halo and launches a full frontal attack at anyone who had mistaken her nobility for a weakness.

She is compassionate, but lets her own heart guide her through her dark hours. She is caring, but always leaves a piece of the puzzle to fit her own picture. She is a woman, but she remembers the daredevil stunts performed by her girly heart. She makes bad moves, she says bad words, but she can never be bad at heart.

She is the one who smells like summer while the others are soaked in the cold winter rains. She is the one that carries rainbows in her eyes, and releases them with her every smile.

She dances in the open while the others are frozen still by their self-consciousness. She reads while the others watch, and she loves the three dots in other people’s sentences. This way, she fills in the blanks by herself.

She is an angel who is not afraid to reach out to the dark side. Angel, who will guard you, protect you and never allow you to fall out of grace!

She is a keeper!

Harajuku Lovers’s Lil Angel perfume is unusual concoction of goodness, of sweet summerly scents and a bit of devilishly seducing bitter notes, like a story of eternal battle of good vs. evil!

Notes: raspberry, cranberry, black currant, pineapple, violet, pear blossom, sugared rose, lollipop aroma, Hinoki wood and crystal amber.

Style: Extremely happy summerish perfume, which can warm your heart when the thermometer outside is a bit “down”, or can cool you, when the easy livin’ drives in town!

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