Lalique Le Parfum by Lalique Perfume Description

She is a traveler. She travels the distance between her heart and her soul, encountering many adventures while out on that road.

Her fears are her border crossings, and her happy feelings are her passports and visas.

She loves curiosity, even though some things are better to be left a mystery and some things are better to be left unsaid.

She loves honesty and her convictions are unshakable. She believes in magic and wants her heart to be stolen by a magician.

Feeling is believing, she says.

She changes her world one blink of an eye at a time. She paints the world purple, setting the final frontier at the place where the universe ends.

You know this woman. You ARE this woman!

Spray Laliqueโ€™s Le Parfum and watch your world become a better place, one breath at a time…

This is how Lalique’s Perfume will make you feel: Gorgeous, Distinctive, Addictive!

Notes:ย west indian bay, bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, heliotrope, almond, sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla.

Style: Soft cuddling fragrance, the best accessory to the cold winter breeze…