Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui


Perfume of the Day: La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui

La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui

She makes the dots and draws the lines by instructions previously devised by her heart, but she never colors by numbers. She often wanders off the main road, and dreams of facing her dreams. She smiles and talks to people in a language made up by her entirely. She dreams big, so she buys the biggest canvas and expects that destiny and perseverance to draw the most exciting future for her. Yes, she is a dreamer. And the best place for vacation on this planet is inside her head. And when she finally wakes up, she is happy that the world around her is palpable, is realistic and the colors are bright. And so she wonders: do dogs dream?

This is how Anna Sui’s La Vie de Boheme perfume will make you feel: Enchanting, Glamorous, Attention-grabbing!

Notes: Turkish rose, sparkling pear, berries, pitahaya accord, peony, dry woods, sandalwood, musk and black vanilla.

Style: Sweet fruity fragrance that bottles the soul of the free-spirited, open-minded and bewitching women…

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