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Perfume of the Day: Jimmy Choo Exotic by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Exotic

Perfume of the Day: Jimmy Choo Exotic by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume Review By Scentbird

Jimmy Choo Exotic woman is a fashion lover. A full time lover in a high fashion style!

She is a small town girl arriving in a big city. All she carries with her is a suitcase stuffed with hopes and coated with dreams.

She is a fashion cinderella, her magic fairy god mother is the latest issue of Vogue. Her pumpkin are her Jimmy Choo’s. She does not need a prince. She has an ambition. But she really hopes that she won’t lose one of her favorite sandals.

She has a girl like mind, a woman like attitude and a lady like class.

She has a small tattoo, a token of rebellion. Or a fashion sense.

But she vows she will make it big. The heels on her sandals keep her from touching the ground. As if walking on clouds.

You just wait and see….

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Exotic perfume represents the woman who is confident in her style, who is free-spirited, who experiments with feelings and styles, fashion designers, bags and shoes.

Notes: Blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, passion flower, tiger orchid, patchouli and raspberry.

Style: Carefree, Fashionable, Confident, Exotic!

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