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Perfume of the Day: Clean Shower Fresh by Clean


Perfume of the Day: Clean Shower Fresh by Clean

Clean Shower Fresh admirer is a realistically hopeful dreamer.

She is unpretentious with pretentiously big dreams. She is thoughtful, hardworking and humble. But she is also fierce.

She walks into the room, and you can see that a mighty force has entered. She has a sheer will that can stop a grizzly in its tracks. So, do not mistake her for a pushover.

She admires the force of the nature and loves his clean cut. She loves the smell of freshly showered skin, the smell of freshly showered grass, the smell of freshly atoned soul. Unburdened by anything unnatural.

She likes when things are straightforward, uncomplicated and calculated in a simple equation.

She is not a much of a poet. Nor a dreamer. She is a realist caught up in the current moment, too busy to be warmed by the stars or comforted by the moon.

Clean Clean Shower Fresh is a smell of Lily of the Valley, lemon and mandarin orange scented soap gliding on a wet skin. It is a scent of new beginnings. A clean start. Unburdened. Fresh.

Notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley (Muguet), Orange Blossom, Sheer Woods, Musk.

Style: Fresh, Clean, Unpretentious!

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