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Perfume of the Day: Hypnose by Lancome


Perfume of the Day: Hypnose by Lancome

Lancome Hypnose Perfume Scentbird

Hypnose woman has dreamy eyes and steamy lips. Her presence is tangible and craved for long after she leaves the room.

This is a woman who doesn’t chase after success. Instead, she leaves hints, pebbles and marks, works hard, allowing success to find her. Her roadmarks are always labeled with PERSEVERANCE. She never chases after anything, except for butterflies, allowing herself to follow their bouncy trails of color.

Hypnose woman is beautiful, hardworking, honest and utterly sweet. She is the quintessential modern day woman, with T0-Do List always opened in her mind.

When she leaves her home and unites with the air, the moon falls head over heels for her, so it follows her, making sure she finds her dream that night. The Sun is a bit jealous of the relationship, so on these particular days, it is grumpy and refuses to work, sending clouds instead of a sick note.

Oh yes, Hypnose woman is that powerful, yummy and addictive!

Lancome’s Hypnose is a sexy, mysterious, comforting scent, perfect for the women who love the feeling of being unique in a bland office space.

Notes: Passion Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Jasmine Sambac

Style: Charming, Bewitching, Self-Assuring!

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