Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein


Perfume of the Day: Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria Perfume

Forbidden Euphoria woman is a mystery that every man tries to solve. She lives in a crazy, crazy world bursting with life energy.

She lives in a world of funny, colorful monsters, elegant ladies sipping coffees in their gigantic libraries, world of wild vivacities going skinny dipping in someone else’s pools.

She is a girl with full moon rising in her eyes and sunset in her hair. Her domain is ruled by laughter, hugs, kisses and tolerance. Tears that regenerate her and heartbreaks which serve as teachers…

Her world smells of beautifully arranged flowers and memories, bringing back some past times and announcing the better ones that lay ahead.

She takes in the world with eyes wide open, loving its openness, never taking anything for granted, because in reality, life never issues warranty on its value!

This is how Calvin Klein’s Forbidden Euphoria perfume will make you feel: Young, Daring, Energized!

Notes: iced raspberry, tangerine, peach blossom,Tiger orchids, pink peony, jasmine, musk, cashmere wood and patchouli.

Style: Tingling sweet perfume for the girls and women who are born to enjoy life and just have fun…

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