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Perfume of the Day: Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui


Perfume of the Day: Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui

Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy Perfume Review

Flight of Fancy lover is radiant, carefree spirit that uses Girls Just Wanna Have Some Fun as her mantra.

She is irresistible, young and restless. She has got the advanturistic spirit that surpasses the spirit of Jules Verne’s characters.

She walks on her toes, trying to see higher and brighter than the rest. She is determined to win the battle against the horizon, against the line that swallows the sun in its pocket.

She needs to find herself in the big city lights, in the soft desert sand, in the pristine blue waters of the seven seas. She needs to travel the world in 800 days, to smile, to drive, to be driven, to explore, to be explored.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy is a young and romantic scent, one that lifts up your mood and makes you smile and just be happy. A perfume that epitomizes the carefree days of girls that are eager to pass the threshold to womanhood.

Notes: Lychee, Java Lemon, Yuzu, Rose Blossom, Star Magnolia, Purple Rain Freesia, Amber Crystals, Skin Musk, White Woods.

Style: Young, Vibrant, Radiant, Happy

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