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Perfume of the Day: Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women by Burberry


Perfume of the Day: Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women by Burberry

Burberry Burberry Brit Rhythm For Women Perfume Review

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women lover is a leader of a band. She’s got that Joan Jett poise that tells you she thrives on the energy she receives from people.

She’s got the style, she’s got the talent, she’s got the attitude.

She is sexy, provoking and intellectual. She has a freshness about her, so when you see her it’s like you have been given the gift of the rain in the midst of a desert.

She loves music, moving in the same beat as the crowd, allowing herself to be taken on the edge. She’s an utterly feminine, but she’s got a man’s sheer determination to win every battle on the field.

She’s a doll, but she’ll play with you as long as she wants. She’s in command, the band leader, and the ringmaster.

Burberry Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women is a sexy and provocative perfume, one that suits the women who are on the same wave lengths with iconic, strong and independent women.

Notes: vetiver, neroli, orris root, lavender, pink pepper, peony.

Style: Sexy, Edgy, Feminine

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