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Perfume of the Day: F For Fascinating Night by Salvatore Ferragamo


Perfume of the Day: F For Fascinating Night by Salvatore Ferragamo


F For Fascinating Night woman is simply fascinating, unique, one of a kind, with modern fashion style and old fashioned manners. Her lips say “Pardon Me”, but her style says” I will not excuse myself for being myself”.

She doesn’t believe in bad luck or destiny, she is stronger than that. She believes in smiles, dance offs, office jokes, beautiful Sunday rainy mornings, rides on ferris wheel, magical journeys in the land of books.

She can lift you up and show you what clouds do on their days off. She lifts up the dancefloor. She is the owner of the pair of shoes that never stop dancing.

Yes, she is fascinating. Her personality is exciting and her presence is always anticipated. She is a true BFFF, with one of the F’s standing for fascinating!

Salvatore Ferragamo’s F for Fascinating Night is classy, elegant, unique, pleasurable scent, perfect for the sultry women who steer away from popularity and aim for uniqueness, freshness, who don’t follow the crowd, who don’t lead the crowd, who choose the road less travelled!

Notes: mandarin sorbet, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, patchouli, amber, white musk.

Style: Feminine, Unique, Party!

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