Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Cartier Goutte de Rose


Perfume of the Day: Cartier Goutte de Rose

Goutte De Rose Cartier Perfume Review

She carefully crawls from the bed, puts on her running attire and runs throughout her neighborhood. Every step she makes is soft and delicate, she feels like she is running through a maze of clouds, or a field of roses, with his hand in her own. Her breath is producing sweet haze of tiredness, but she knows she is running for their future. He tunes in on the frequency of her heart and finds her sleeping on his shoulder, unaware of the fact that she has won the hardest battle of all, the battle for her throne of independence. She bathes in her femininity, and bottles her high hopes and daydreams. She anticipates that one day, the wind will blow so hard that her hopes and daydreams will escape the incarceration of doubts, attach themselves to a leaf of dandelion and land safely. She calls that destiny!

This is how Cartier’s Goutte de Rose perfume will make you feel: Feminine-Sensual, Feminine-Soft, Feminine-Sweet!

Notes: rose, vanilla, woodsy notes and amber

Style: A delicate floral perfume with joyous and sophisticated olfactory harmony!

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