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What are your signature scents?3 min read

09/19/2014 2 min read


What are your signature scents?3 min read

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Having a signature scent is splendid, but having the same signature scent for ten years of your life is not. I believe it is crucial to experiment with diverse fragrances, because the list of possibilities are endless. At the moment my favorite fragrance is the delightful Lola by Marc Jacobs. However, if I had to wear Lola constantly for a long period of time, it would soon become bland and tedious. I enjoy leaving my ‘comfort zone’ and experimenting with a variety of perfumes and I wanted to share some of my recent favorites. Each of these fragrances will lead you to a state of pure bliss and delight. Beware: There is a feasible possibility that the perfumes listed below will cause others around you to fall head over heels and constantly ask what fragrance you are wearing.

Roses de Chloé by Chloé

Seductive but elegant, this fragrance contains a sweet floral scent with a modern day twist. Consisting of fresh roses, bergamot, magnolia accord, white musk, and amber, this perfume has the perfect amount of freshness, while not being overbearing with the floral scent. This fragrance is feminine and graceful with a seductive and mysterious twist.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria is defined as a feeling of great excitement, which is how this fragrance will make you and others around you feel. This perfume contains a splash of pomegranate and persimmon, while incorporating a seductive floral scent by adding the perfect amount of black orchard, lotus blossom, champaca flower, liquid amber, and black violet. The blend of exotic fruit and seductive florals will make any woman feel provocative and powerful. This perfume has a sensual and captivating scent that will lure you in wanting more.


Born in Paradise by Escada

Tropical and soothing, this scent will have you reminiscing about summer nights and cocktails on the beach. Blends of green apple, guava, watermelon, pineapple, coconut milk, Jasmine Tea, sandalwood, and musk create a feminine, captivating scent. Even though this is a distinctive summer fragrance, I enjoy wearing this perfume all year round to bring a soothing, tropical sensation to my everyday routine. This fragrance is fruity and vibrant while also being light and airy, which really could lead you to paradise.

Pour Femme by Dolce & Gabbana

Seductive but mellow, this fragrance consists of a fruity, sweet scent that is not overpowering. A sensuous blend of Neroli oil, raspberry, green mandarin, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, and, sandalwood creates a sincere and alluring perception to this fragrance. The captivating scent invites you in and places you in a peaceful and warm mindset. This irresistible and comforting scent lingers beautifully on the skin and will last all day.

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