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New Now on Scentbird: Campo Aromatherapy


New Now on Scentbird: Campo Aromatherapy

Scentbird was founded on the belief of scent’s transformative powers. Whether it’s a citrusy perfume that perks us up in the morning before an important meeting or a creamy, decadent note for date-nights, we firmly believe that a fragrance can transform and improve overall well-being. 

And we’re happy that we’re not the only ones: Knowing that fragrances have this power to alter and affect mood, the chic LA based aromatherapy brand Campo, which has just landed on our site, works diligently in creating hand-crafted essential oil blends that offer positive mood change benefits.

Here’s the lowdown on their story and their unique aromatherapy oils, which you can find on this link here

Launched by childhood best friends Jessica Frandson and Jill King, Campo was inspired by the art, alchemy and the ancient rituals of perfume making and aromatherapy. Working with nothing but 100% natural essential oils sourced from around the world, they are now delivering all the aromatherapy benefits in jet-set ready packing designed to fit in seamlessly with today’s busy lifestyle.

Campo Aromatherapy Scentbird Scaled

Campo’s essential oils are highly concentrated extracts distilled from natural, organic materials, such as flowers and stems, leaves and bark, as well as other plant parts. The oil captures the plant’s essence, its scent as well as its natural healing properties. To reap all the aromatherapy benefits associated with each roll-on oil blend, simply apply it on pulse points like the wrist and on the neck, take a deep breath…and enjoy!

Energy Blend Roll-On Oil

Find yourself reaching for that third coffee and it’s barely noon? Try reaching for this Energy Blend by Campo instead. Thanks to an invigorating fusion of neroli orange blossom, bergamot, sweet orange, bitter orange and sandalwood, this roll-on oil works to awaken your senses and invigorate your mind, leading to greater productivity. 

Focus Blend Roll-On Oil

This is Campo’s be-here-now oil blend. The aromatic mix of Australian sandalwood, cardamom, vetiver and four cedarwoods offers tranquility, inspires thoughts of profound clarity and helps exercise our memory.

Relax Blend Roll-On Oil

A blend of French lavender, rosemary, frankincense, neroli orange blossom, sweet orange and bitter orange, this roll on oil slows down the nervous system to calm down your mind and body and promote relaxation naturally. 

Sleep Blend Roll-On Oil

A sleep enhancing combo of French lavender, palmarosa, Roman chamomile, valerian root and bergamot, this Campo works especially well for drifting off to dreamland quickly and ensures more restful sleep. 

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