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Love at First Light: The Newest Scented Candles Are Here


Love at First Light: The Newest Scented Candles Are Here

Floral, citrus, woodsy or musky, the Scentbird HQ is always buzzing with a medley of top notes. Our latest flames? The newest Scentbird scented candles. Handcrafted in the USA, the candles are made from a slow-burning soy-wax blend and smell like love at first light.

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Blonde Tobacco and Cashmere

One for those who love the smell of old libraries, wooden shelves lined with endless books and a tobacco pipe burning in the distance, this candle combines the scent of sweet tobacco and rich woods with zesty citrus peel, bergamot, and melon notes to lighten the aroma. 

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Cranberry and Spiked Pear

Decadent notes of wild fruits and juicy blackcurrant lifted with spiked pear, cranberry, and exotic rhubarb make this candle super fresh, sweet and perfect for any room. Best enjoyed near an open fire, with a mug of mulled wine in hand.

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Dark Roast and Caramel

This candle will transport you in a log cabin beside a roaring fire on a frosty evening. The comforting blend of coffee, salted caramel, and cocoa—offset by a mix of almond flower and frothy milk accord—is your perfect Sunday morning, captured in a single flame.

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Golden Milk and Honey

This sultry soy blend candle evokes the feeling of ginger candy melting slowly on the tip of your tongue. Enhanced with essential oils of spicy turmeric and vibrant ginger zest with cinnamon and honey, this sweet aroma is an instant mood-lifter.

On this link here: , you can read more about this candle and what it smells like.

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