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NEW Confessions Of A Rebel is Here!



NEW Confessions Of A Rebel is Here!

It’s been a year since the last Confessions Of A Rebel release, and we couldn’t be more excited to drop two new scents from the brand as our fragrances of the month for July. Beloved for its genderless, chic niche numbers, Confessions has continually been one of our bestsellers since launching in 2018. This summer, you need to know: Love High and Almost Single.

Love High

Love High is a delicious dive into the deep end. You know the feeling: you’re in too deep, but don’t want to stop, like one wild weekend away, free of regrets. This is a scent that sparkles with lush notes of peach nectar and orange blossom. Thanks to soothing sandalwood and cedar, it’s not cloyingly sweet (so it can play for him, her, they – all), but we’re definitely getting a juicy-bright vibe that feels fresh for summer.

Where to wear it: Fruity and floral, this is a decidedly lighter turn from the brand, and the perfect go-anywhere scent for wherever the season leads you.

Almost Single

Almost Single is intoxication personified: a little smoky, but fun, mysterious yet cool. It’s a scent that won’t be confined to masculine or feminine, and we dare you not to love it.  There’s a spicy recklessness to the fragrance, fueled by cardamom and black pepper, which is followed up by rosemary and violet leaf at the base. It smells like mixed messages, and late-night speakeasies – place you want to go, even if don’t think it’s a good idea.

Where to wear it: Downtown, late at night, in a bar, on a rooftop overlooking the city, sipping cocktails – wherever, whenever. This one’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Can’t get enough Confessions? We hear you. Check out Get A Room & About Last Night:

Get A Room

Get A Room

4.1/ 5 stars

All heat and plenty of skin: forbidden apple is layered with mandarin and stripped down woody notes. A sensual medley of vanilla, praline and a touch of spice send your heart skipping a beat – and then some. Draw the blinds, bolt the door, this is gonna get good.

About Last Night

About Last Night

3/ 5 stars

Inspired by late nights downtown, this is a bold exclamation of scent, featuring a cocktail of sparkling bergamot, pink pepper and red grapefruit. Powdery vetiver, sustainably harvested in Haiti, intoxicates the senses with cold-pressed mandarin oil and energetic spices that last from dusk till dawn.

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