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Getting High On All Things Wellness with Highline



Getting High On All Things Wellness with Highline

CBD is having a moment in skincare and wellness, and yet, still not much is known about its efficacious benefits for the skin. We caught up with Highline Wellness CEO and Co-Founder Christopher Roth to demystify the latest plant-based ingredient.

1.  Can you tell us how you started your company? What was the impetus?

As consumers of CBD we got frustrated with the landscape;  Long delivery times, trips to wellness stores and brands that were tough to resonate with.  We built Highline Wellness to address those problems and to provide sophisticated consumers with a CBD brand they can trust.  

2.  What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD was illegal in the United States up until December 2018, which also made it illegal to do scientific studies on.  With that said, there have been numerous smaller studies that suggest CBD can help with anxiety, pain and inflammation, epilepsy, insomnia, opioid addiction,  focus and more. The most common benefits that our customers cite are anxiety, sleep, pain, and focus.

3.  How is CBD derived? Will Highline products make someone feel high?

Cannabis is an umbrella and within that umbrella lies marijuana and hemp.  Marijuana is high in THC and has trace amounts of CBD, hemp is high in CBD and has trace amounts of THC.  Our products are derived from hemp and contain zero THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that provides the “high”.  CBD is non-psychoactive which means you will not get high and your behavior will not be altered in any way.

4.  How often should I consume CBD products? Are they safe to take at work?

Everyone is different, just as many of our customers take CBD in the morning before work as they do at night before sleep.  CBD is absolutely safe to take before work and can provide potential benefits such as a calmer mind, increased focus, and reduced tightness that many deal with from sitting at a desk for long hours.  

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