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New Clean Fragrance Brand You Must Know: HERMETICA


New Clean Fragrance Brand You Must Know: HERMETICA

A worldwide first in the fragrance industry, Hermetica is pioneering the movement in clean, alcohol-free scents, merging modern chemistry with Florentine alchemy. 

Hermetica fragrance elixirs boast hybrid formulas, a combination of the best natural and  synthetic molecules that feel moisturizing on the skin, but extremely seductive on the senses. We’re proud to announce that currently we carry three of their fragrant potions: Jade888, Amberbee, and Source1, the latter of which can be layered with any other fragrance to give it a potent and vibrant twist.

Read more about the origins of their name, the patented ingredient that enables Hermatica’s scents cling to skin like a serum, generating lasting power, by clicking on our dedicated brand page here:

Trust us, you’ve never seen or smelled scents quite like these before:



Pulsing with life, Jade888 is as lush and green as a rainforest, with a luscious take on lily-of-the-valley, and a head-turning musk and ginger mix. 

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A reinvigorating citrus peel wrapped around amber and woods that slowly unwraps the mystery as it breathes on your skin. 

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Playing between light and dark, Amberbee takes the warm, sensual amber on a tour through woody notes, powder accords, and zesty bergamot. 

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