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Take Me to Museum: Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun


Take Me to Museum: Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun

Not A Perfume Scentbird Logo

My name is Not a Perfume, yet I am a perfume.

My nature is peculiar, because unlike other perfumes, I only have one side. I am like an addictive music piece made out of one note only. Like a fine painting made of one color only.

I am special and I know it.

My owner is sassy and eccentric, with a edge. In her free time, while other women roam the malls, she roams the museums. You will probably see her standing in front of a painting from a local artist, deeply pensive, absorbed in the strokes and colors. You will only feel my presence if you stand close to her.

She is very passionate about everything she does. She respects liberty and personal space, so she thinks I am the best pick for her in the world of perfumes.

If I had to describe myself with three words, I would go with clean, fresh and minimalistic. I stick to her skin like a hidden tattoo, revealed only to those worthy of the secret’s revelation.

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She wears me every time she goes somewhere where any other type of stimulation may distract you from the main subject. She takes me to museums and concerts, because she does not want to impose her opinions nor her fragrance choices to other people.

I am the clean white t-shirt in the world of perfumes, the one you can combine with anything, put anything on to it and make a statement.

I am comforting, eccentric and just about the perfect pick for women who prefer minimalism over dramatics.

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