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How to Wear Your Perfume During the Summer1 min read

08/03/2015 < 1 min read


How to Wear Your Perfume During the Summer1 min read

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Less layering and brighter colors have always been fashion musts for summer, but have you ever considered what to do about your perfume? The blazing summer heat and humidity can sometimes jeopardize your perfume habits as much as it does for your hair and skin. So, how can you maintain your sweet and sultry scent without having to worry about an uncomfortable aftermath? First off, try as much as you can to avoid spraying around you and all over your body, for this is both overpowering and unnecessary, as perfume damages your hair, thus interfering with anti-frizz supplements. Instead, gently apply a spritz at both napes of your neck, as well as your pulse points, for these areas are both inconspicuous as well as good for maintaining long-lasting perfume wear. For overall beautiful results, bring your Scentbird reusable case and apply as needed!

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