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Monday Scent Mood: Decadence by Marc Jacobs


Monday Scent Mood: Decadence by Marc Jacobs


Radiating pure decadent sensuality, Marc Jacobs’s newest fragrant baby takes an unexpected turn towards classy, urban maturity, a sentiment which rarely was expressed for his previous olfactory brood.

Decadence wows us not only with its sophisticated juice, but with its bottle also.

It opens with creamy plum fruit note, which evades the usual over ripeness by the balancing act of the woody notes, mainly courtesy of the exotic, warm papyrus wood and the oriental spiciness of the saffron.

A sultry, urban powdery iris provides for the loud and confident perfume trait that is absolutely magnificent, embedded with “lean in and comment how amazing I smell” quality.

Floral notes of Bulgarian rose and Jasmine Sambac hum peacefully in the background, while the saffron, vetiver and rich amber are the lead vocals.

I imagine myself wearing the perfume on a casual night out, when I want to relax and exude sophistication without having to overdress in order to produce this very vibe.

Without the mouthwatering plum, it would have been a heavy and extremely deep scent which requires black tie dress code, but the fresh and playful fruity notes make it perfectly well suited for both casual and elegant outings.

With its masculine quality, this mainstream perfume leans towards the tracks worshipped by the niche aficionados, so I expect it to be backed up by a line of perfume heads, who will know how to value this atypical Marc Jacobs perfume.


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