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Match Your Perfume to Your Halloween Costume: 20’s Diva


Match Your Perfume to Your Halloween Costume: 20’s Diva

agent provocateur halloween

Just 11 sleeps ‘til Halloween, but it’s never too late to make the best impression, and we are not talking costumes here.

If you are channeling a 20’s diva style, then you simply must go for something utterly sophisticated, with a dab of daring mischief.

Maitresse by Agent Provocateur is a perfume that exudes dark and intoxicating sensual undertones, after the initial floral blasts dries down perfectly.

Just as exciting and eclectic as the era itself, this creamy apricot suede scent sashays on your skin, waltzing you into the prohibition-era as the lady, who always gets the best table in the cafe.

Pair it with a feathered boa or a feather headband and a deep red lipstick, a look which will complete the mild tempered perfume, the one that is quietly amazing just as a pearl sleeping in a shell.

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