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Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun: In the Mood for Love


Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun: In the Mood for Love

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Miss CharmingAlways nonchalant, always exuding confidence, always sexy, warm, walking with an air of regal mystery, all of Juliette Has A Gun perfumes speak of women’s deepest desires, and Miss Charming is no different.

The powerful, lucid strawberry; the velvety rose, the intrepid and self-confident wild berries, the mysterious musk; are all notes creating a fragrant puzzle that falls into pieces upon settling on your skin.

It is the rose that lends the scent its feminine radiance, warm and elegant. But it is the mischievous and mysterious berries that is responsible for the strength, luminosity and depth, so characteristical for this amazing fragrance.

The sweet litchi gives permission for labeling the fragrance as indulgent.

Immediate effect upon spraying is gorgeous: feminine, delicious, classic, elegant, playful, warm, a garden party full of roses scattershot with dew… The tables are heavy with oriental musk delight and berries echoing succulent, exotic yearning.

Dry down accentuates the softness and the rose recedes.

This is the scent reflecting the ideal chic girl. The one that wears oversized sunglasses even when it’s pouring outside. Elegant but not mature, warm but not cloyingly sweet, it is a perfume that all women who celebrate their personality and femininity will wear as emblem.

As someone who cannot imagine her day without a perfume and who thinks that perfume is not just an optional beauty accessory, Miss Charming is my hidden ace for elegance.

This one lives up to what the designer says they were after, well done Francis!

Francis Kurkdjian, the famous perfumer is the nose behind this perfectly crafted fragrance. I applaud to you, sir!

Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun on Scentbird

Miss Charming By Juliette Has A GunPERFUME IS A WAY OF STOPPING TIME. YOU SMELL A BEAUTIFUL SCENT AND YOU REMEMBER SOMETHING, said Isabel Toledo and I cannot help thinking about intelligent nonchalance and elegance whenever Miss Charming fills the air around me with its beauty.

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