May These Scents Be With You4 min read

05/04/2020 3 min read

May These Scents Be With You4 min read

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Hello Star Wars fans, we’ve been expecting you! Whether you’re a badass Resistance rebel or you plant your flag on the dark side, we’ve got a galaxy of scents to celebrate the holiday in a proper fashion:

JOHN VARVATOS Dark Rebel Rider

A scent so dark, would make Darth Vader very, very proud! The real star of the fragrance is a gripping, luxury leather, forming an allegiance with spicy saffron. There are enough floral/sweet/woodsy notes in this John Varvatos galaxy that try to counterbalance the strong spicy leather accord, but in the drydown their rebellion is simply shut down. 

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The rise of the citruses is electrifying and cuts through the apple notes like a lightsaber. Clary sage, sandalwood and the softest of musks hover over the lively notes like a starship. Our fave note? Suede, suave and ready to liven up the mood, not unlike our fave intergalactic recluse himself (just to be clear, we’re thinking Yoda, not Luke Skywalker).

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Sophistication strikes back! Rum, leather and plum is a delectable trio, tempting you to the dark side. The element of surprise comes in the form of a single milk note, warm and faint, luring the scent back in the light. 

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Make no mistake, Light Blue, just like Baby Yoda steals everyone’s hearts. Sicilian lemon is airy and featherweight, skywalking to the heart of the fragrance, where bamboo is strong and florals are blooming. The drydown envelops you in warm amber and whisper-soft cedarwood, transporting you to your own Mediterranean, or your very own version of far, far away…

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