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March 2019 Cologne of the Month: Kenneth Cole Intensity



March 2019 Cologne of the Month: Kenneth Cole Intensity

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Here’s a Pro Tip for anyone interested in staying on top of current perfume trends – layering your fragrances is an excellent way to showcase your personal style and get more longevity out of your favorite scents.

You’re going to start seeing more layering options from your favorite perfume designers in 2019, and Kenneth Cole is leading the way with their new trio of interchangeable fragrances: Intensity, Serenity, and Energy. Intensity is Scentbird’s Cologne of the Month for March, and we hope you’ll find it as fun to experiment with as we do.

Intensity is meant to be worn either on its own or paired with Kenneth Cole’s for Him and for Her releases, so you can explore more olfactory options by mixing and matching them however you like.

Some Tips on Layering Scents

The smart way to layer perfume is to combine two scents with contrasting profiles: light citrus or musk scents with deeper, heavier oriental perfumes, for instance. Or layer aromatics with bright white florals. Not only will this be intriguing on the skin (wrist-huffing is a must when layering), but also allows your fragrances to last longer.

What makes Intensity excellent for layering is its deliciously spicy line-up of pink pepper, cardamom, white leather, and woods. Intensity’s versatile spices complement Kenneth Cole for Him’s endless waves of minerals and sea salt freshness and make their naturally energizing effects even more enjoyable from the contrast.

Intensity also conjures similar scent magic when layered with Kenneth Cole for Her. For Her features gorgeous violets, musk, and jasmine – with an aromatic kick of carrot seed at the top that fuses perfectly with Intensity’s pink pepper and leather notes. So now you’ve got a seriously sensual floral to take on the day with.

But don’t stop there – it’s just as intriguing to layer Intensity with the other two fragrances in this new trio: Serenity features sweet amber, bright peonies and woody notes while Energy will captivate you with sweet, powdered citrus-tinged notes of orange blossom and neroli flower.

The possibilities are endless with these fragrances, so you never have to worry about what season to wear them in, or if they’re appropriate for formal vs. casual situations.

Layering fragrances is the new “signature scent” style in 2019 and learning how to layer perfume is an easy-to-master skill that will open your collection up to all sorts of different looks and possibilities. So don’t limit yourself – enjoy sampling all of these fragrances and discover your own customized and completely on-trend Kenneth Cole scent no one else will be wearing.

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    This is my favorite cologne. Almost all of Kenneth's colognes I've used. From my experience, I am saying this is truly a fantastic cologne. I have been using it for the last year.

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