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How To Make the Most of Your ScentBird Subscription

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How To Make the Most of Your ScentBird Subscription

Congratulations! Now that you are a part of our ever growing Scentbird family you might want to unbox the secrets on how to make the most of your subscription.

Choose Your First Product

When you first subscribe to Scentbird, you have a 12-hour window to choose your first product. In addition to our carefully curated fragrance portfolio, Scentbird has launched its own bath + body collection – all of the above is included in your subscription (more on that to come!).

Simply log into your account, drag the fragrance or product you want into your personal queue. Have a few items in mind? Stay ahead of the game and arrange them in the order you want to receive them, monthly.

Queue Desktop

Not sure what you want? If you make no selection, you’ll receive the Fragrance of the Month for any/all months that you don’t pre-select. Think of it as dealer’s choice – our talented team of fragrance enthusiasts and experts hand-pick our monthly offering, so you’re in good hands!

Don’t Forget: Select your order by the 5th of every month. All orders are locked in after this point.

Take the Quiz

If you don’t know what types of scents you might be interested in trying, check out our tailored Scent Quiz. Log in to your account and click on Recommendations, at the top of the page. We’ve created a logarithm that filters all of the reviews made by our enormous fragrance community (more than 1 million reviews!), to help you narrow down which scents you want to try.

Lather up + Live fresh

You love fragrances, but you also love your skin, right? Right. That’s why we created a range of bath + body must-haves for you to try. As part of your subscription, you can add a Scentbird product to your queue in place of a fragrance. Smelling great starts in the shower – we offer body washes, exfoliating scrubs, and delicate jelly cleansers that prep the skin, and hydrating hand cream that locks in moisture. Plus, you can make your home smell great, too with Scentbird’s delicious new range of candles.

Refer a Friend

Get a free one-month subscription with just a few clicks. After you subscribe to Scentbird, you will receive a referral link (which you can also find on the referral page).  Share this link on social media and with all of your friends. You will earn a free month of Scentbird for every friend who joins using your referral link (once your friend pays for their first month of Scentbird, you will be alerted to claim your free month).

Please note: both parties must be actively subscribed in order to be eligible for our referral credits.

As always, follow us on Instagram @Scentbird for exclusive offers and behind-the-scenes footage.

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