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February Perfume of the Month: Glossier You

Glossier You


February Perfume of the Month: Glossier You

Skin scents can be the most inviting and warm perfumes when done well. Sometimes all you need to create a truly memorable perfume is to add a subtle layer of bright, soft musk or soft powder into the mix of curiosity and charged emotion.

Glossier has just released a skin scent with a unique and intriguing difference, entitled Glossier You. It’s a bare-bones, minimalist scent intentionally designed to be incomplete, so your natural skin chemistry can fill in the blanks to create the ultimate signature scent.

Notes of spicy pink pepper, iris root, ambrox, ambrette, and musk create a head-turning, and sophisticated base for your natural chemistry to work from. The pink pepper and ambrette warm the skin, the iris root smooths out the texture, and the ambrox and musk set the stage for your body to do the rest.

So, whether you love musk’s delicious skin-soft feel, or revel in waves of spicy opulence, Glossier You is a must-have for skin scent aficionados, or if you are just curious about sampling your first skin scent. But don’t just take our word for it –– head over to Into the Gloss to learn more.

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