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Make Monday Better With Eau Parfumee Au The Bleu

Make Monday Better

Make Monday Better With Eau Parfumee Au The Bleu

It’s that time of the week again: Monday morning. And as you know, there are two ways to get through this day: going into full denial mode (repeating the mantra “it’s not Monday, it’s not Monday”) or braving the day by making the most of it.

Think of Eau Parfumee Au the Bleu by Bvlgari as your magic trick to brighten up the day. It is clean, inoffensive yet beautiful unisex fragrance “born” to be worn in the office.

Wearing something as amazing as Eau Parfumee Au the Bleu will help build your confidence and definitely get you a few compliments from coworkers. Feeling good in your own skin means you’ve already won half the battle against Monday Blues.

And the other half will be won with the help of smooth, powdery iris and violet infused tea notes. The rich aroma of lavender and shiso provide for a beautiful spicy rush. And the lingering note of musk wraps sensually around this amalgamated mix.

Calming yet invigorating, this is just the fragrance you need on a cold Monday morning.

Monday is no longer the longest day of the week…

And Eau Parfumee Au the Bleu by Bvlgari should not be used on Mondays only. Such an exquisite fragrance needs skin to come alive!


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