Launched in 1968, the original Norell was the first American designer fragrance produced by the legendary fashion icon, Norman Norell.

Norell’s scented legacy is now introduced on Scentbird in the form of two elegant, highly feminine fragrances: Norell New York and Norell Elixir.

Norell New York on Scentbird

Norell New York by Norell

The infamous Norell fragrance has been re-mastered in this new scent- Norell NY.  

Created with the highest quality ingredients and exclusive blend of notes, Norell New York is a modern, green, floral fragrance that opens with a lush radiance that exudes a playful effervescence with an airy floral bouquet that features over 200 Jasmine petals.  

Orris Butter, one of the rarest and most expensive fragrance ingredients, adds the sophistication and sensuality Norell is known for.

Norell NY ad

The effervescent galbanum is swathed in youthful juicy accord, followed by 200 jasmine petals which make for a rush of sophistication and lushness.

Orris Butter, one of the rarest and most expensive fragrance ingredients is the perfume’s siren song, a touch of nobleness and grandeur, Norell’s trademark.

Norell Elixir on Scentbird

Norell Elixir by Norell

Abundant with appeal and allure, Norel Elixir is an attractive scented combination of white flowers juxtaposed with dark woods, reinforced by intoxicating cool spice.

The fragrance captures the magic of Norell’s hallmark, his sequined gowns that are adored by fashion insiders.

Sultry, opulent and highly addictive, Norell Elixir enthralls the senses.

Norell Elixir Riley ad

With top notes of italian mandarin, pink pepper and plum; the opening is an ode to passion. It dries down to a sensual, spicy scent merging indian tuberose, egyptian jasmine and pimento with base notes of sandalwood and patchouli.

Just like Norell’s sequin dresses, Norell Elixir is made for admiration.

Norell New York Now on Scentbird

Norell Scentbird

Add Norell fragrances in your Scentbird queue and discover the invisible powers of these two exquisite perfumes.

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