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Love This? Try That: Scentbird Recommendations Made Simple

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Love This? Try That: Scentbird Recommendations Made Simple

With the launch of our lip balm collection this week, the Scentbird universe is growing rapidly. From hand creams and candles to body washes, scrubs and our brand new balms, it’s hard to know what to choose. So we zeroed in some of our bestsellers to spotlight additional scent combinations you might enjoy. As always, if you’re in a bind, get in on the conversation on Instagram @scentbird for more tips and exclusive picks from our experts in-house and across our community.

Scentbird Pineapple White Amber Silky Conditioning WashIf you like Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Shower Scrub, try: Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash

The beachy-sweet smell of coconut is made for a steamy shower – add in sugar particles, and the water’s going to have to go cold before you jump out. Coconut & Sugar is our most intense exfoliator yet, so for most skin types it’s not meant for daily use.

If you’re looking for a staple shower product that ticks a similar aromatic profile, we’d suggest you try the Pineapple & White Amber Silky Conditioning Wash. A gold-tinged jelly wash, packed with lush  jojoba pearls, this little number smells like you might just encounter a luau at any moment. A slice of fresh fruit smoothed out with undertones of white amber (a soothing spa-like accord), this is a great go-to for everyday use.

Vanilla Bean Heliotrope CandleIf you like the Earl Grey & Blackberry Candle, try: Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope

Earl Grey is one of those cozy, tucked-in-and-not-getting-out-of-bed ever again scents that people adore (not hard to see why). We added in blackberry, and candle lovers got frantic – in a good, fragrance-infused kind of way. We get it, we really do.

But we (and by “we,” I mean: me) want to make sure you don’t miss an intoxicating true romance of a scent, otherwise known as Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope. Vanilla can take some people too bakery, sugary sweet or teenage dreamy, but this Vanilla Bean is none of the above. It smells like being a little in love, not quite ready to say it but it’s heating up. Heliotrope – a divine and subtle floral – works into the creaminess of the vanilla, creating a bouquet of lust or desire or could-be-love if everything falls into place. It’s a smooth jam, full of good vibes only and will keep you cozy between the sheets, too.

If you like Cucumber & Lotus Hand Cream, try: White Tea & Fig

White Tea Fig By ScentbirdCucumber & Lotus is a genderless win for the skin. Fresh, bright, smooth and oh-so clean, we don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen for this one yet. But guess what? There’s another cool number that packs all the same principles, but with an added dose of juicy fruit. White Tea & Fig is a grown-up stunner that works on all.

It’s the hand cream most of us here at the Scentbird HQ – guys and girls – use at our desks, and a favorite of magazine editors (ahem: Glamour) across the board. We’re not saying give up Cucumber, we’re only suggesting you upgrade your shelf with an insider favorite that’s sleek, clean and refreshing, too!


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