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Layer Fragrances Like A Pro


Layer Fragrances Like A Pro

Get creative. You know what you love when you smell it, so why not create your own signature fragrance with Scentbird.

Spices love citrus.  Floral notes love pairing up with other florals or animalic or leather notes.  Citrus can be matched with everything under the sun.

Need inspiration? Try it out with:

Mystic Pearl by Raw Spirit + El Born by Carner Barcelona

Mystic Pearl notes to know: Jasmine, White Flowers, Sea Water

El Born notes to know: Vanilla, Benzoin, Honey

The shimmering floral garden of Mystic Pear is warmed up by El Born’s honey-vanilla sweetness.  A compelling combination, like sitting under a pergola in June and enjoying handful of delicious marshmallows.  

Moroccan Fig by (MALIN+GOETZ) + Silent St. By 10 Crosby Derek Lam

Moroccan Fig notes to know: Fig, Fig Leaf, Fig Tree

Silent St. notes to know: White Musk, Floral Notes

Ripe, sweet, sun-warmed figs blend nicely with cozy white musk. Think breakfast in Morocco: the breeze of the Mediterranean mixed with floral, musky undertones.

L’Etrog by Arquiste  + 1947 Dahlia by EB FLORALS BY ERIC BUTERBAUGH

L’Etrog notes to know: Citron, Myrtle, Vetiver

1947 Dahlia notes to know: Plum, Jasmine, Dahlia

L’Etrog’s decidedly aromatic nature,where citron paired with herbaceous myrtle and earthy vetiver goes through scented metamorphosis with the addition of floral fruity 1947 Dahlia. The final result is a velvety citrus fragrance with juicy plum bite.

Kenneth Cole for Him by Kenneth Cole + Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash by Scentbird

Kenneth Cole for Him notes to know: Jasmine, Ginger, Citrus

Yuzu & Ginger notes to know: Ginger, Yuzu, Mandarin

The pale zestiness of citruses and ginger in the body wash is heightened with the uplifting sprinkle of ginger root in the Kenneth Cole fragrance. The combination boosts the energy, with a mineral, salty finish for that everlasting, clean feeling.

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