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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love3 min read

06/13/2018 2 min read

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love3 min read

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. Most of us in the Scentbird HQ consider this the hardest holiday to shop for; dad already has everything (we know, we know). There’s always the next-big electronics thing that he will never use and the stack of books still hasn’t gotten around to reading. Instead piling on more useless presents, give dad a grooming pick-me-up that will actually feel like a gift. Enter Scentbird’s bath, body & home fragrances for a gift that gets under his skin and straight to his head.

Cucumber & Lotus Hand Cream

If your father is only going to use one skin product a day, make it this.

Why dad will love it: It’s a cream that soothes dry skin and gets the job done without much hassle (also, it works wonders on more than just hands).. The aroma of freshly cut cucumber mingles with lotus for a subtle scent that never announces itself too prominently.

Essential oils infused with vitamins A and E, make this formula intensely nourishing and ultra-rich. It’s lightweight texture melts into skin right away with no excess residue (so,it’s dad proof)! .

Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

If you’re wondering if your dad even know what an exfoliating wash is, we’ve got a better question: will did ever return to basic soap after this? Nope. That’s because the scent, viscosity and soothing effects are too good ignore.

Why dad will love it:  The exfoliating wash bubbles into a rich lather, packed with small exfoliating beads that leaves skin super-fresh feeling and dewy. The invigorating scent duo of yuzu and ginger smells like the definition of fresh, bold and brilliant. A pre-work pick-me-up or a post-office detox. Let dad decide.

Siberian Fir & Cedarwood Scented Candle

Smells like a deluxe retreat in the woods. Whether your dad is the rugged, outdoorsy type or just likes to smell like one, well, we think he’ll love this intoxicating blend of woody notes reminiscent of tall pines and rolling hillsides. 

Why dad will love it: This is the scented equivalent of walking through a Nordic forest, replete with cedar and fir trees, or wind rustling the pines – the scent is both lush and refreshing.  Bring the great outdoors into the home with our slow-burning soy candle. No parabens or sulfates, just a smooth, nuanced aroma that hits all the right notes…

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