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June 2019 Cologne of the Month: English Laundry Crown1 min read

05/07/2019 2 min read
Steve Johnson


June 2019 Cologne of the Month: English Laundry Crown1 min read

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English Laundry Crown is all about the delicious contrast between bright, energizing citrus notes like grapefruit and lemon and the cool aromatic rush of lavender and ginger.  Throw in some refreshing floral notes of light rose and minty, green geranium, and the sweet, smoky amber and tonka bean in the base and you’ve got a fragrance with enough versatility to wear anywhere with confidence. It’s definitely a scent that will get you your share of “What is that? You smell GREAT!” compliments.  

And this blend of citrus, cool aromatics, and sweet, smoky spice means you won’t have to worry about how to match it to your favorite wardrobe looks. Crown will amplify any sartorial option you come up with – if you wear it with a suit or formal wear, its casual elegance provides a cozy approachability.  If you go with a more laid-back look, the aromatic refinement of lavender and geranium will give you a sophisticated edge.

And Crown’s eau de parfum concentration means it will last a long while on the skin – one or two sprays for the day (and into the night) should suffice.  The scent stays close to the body as well, so you won’t be overwhelming anyone as you move through the week. This is a fantastic every day option, especially for lavender and citrus fans.  


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