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Introducing Tiziana Terenzi Fragrances4 min read

10/18/2019 2 min read
National Fragrance Day

Introducing Tiziana Terenzi Fragrances4 min read

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Talk about having some history. 

Originating in Italy, the roots of Tiziana Terenzi’s fragrance house can be traced back to the mid-20th century, when the designer’s relatives created paschal church votives. In 2012, creative director Tiziana Terenzi partnered with perfumer Paolo Terenzi to create a gorgeous range of fragrances that use raw materials in each formulation, and draw inspiration from experiences and emotions surrounding travel. 

We’ve added the Tiziana Terenzi line, sure to satisfy your wanderlust — even when those PTO days have yet to be submitted. Keep reading to find out more about Terenzi’s fragrances below, and add them to your Scentbird queue to try them now. 


Your go-to floral has officially found competition in this heady blend of saffron, lily, and jasmine. The elegant, airy elements get a twist of depth, thanks to the leather and ambergris, while orange and ylang-ylang add brightness. 


Juicy fruits like red currant, apple, and pineapple take center stage, then are grounded by earthy notes like birch, cedar, and oud. 


Passionfruit, peach, pear, and raspberry play a balancing act with rich sandalwood and musk while a subtle vanilla note adds a hint of sweetness.

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