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How one indie perfume brand is raising awareness and funds for endangered species

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How one indie perfume brand is raising awareness and funds for endangered species

One hard-to-swallow pill: Over 150 species disappear from the face of the Earth on a daily basis. The lack of the awareness combined with climate change and deforestation are a few of the reasons why we’re losing so many plants and animals, and one fragrance brand is setting out to change that in a big way. 

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Sanctuary is a clean, conscious fragrance brand that was built around the idea of bringing awareness to the issue of the critically endangered animals. Their fragrances are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and are housed in bottles made entirely from sustainable materials.


Their first two scents are inspired by the Amur Leopard and Red Panda, respectively, using their habitats and personality traits as inspiration when crafting each individual scent. Although both animals are endangered (and the Amur Leopard is on the brink of extinction), Sanctuary’s goal is to raise both awareness and funds to help conserve and protect each creature.

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Red Panda

Both fragrances can be found at, priced at $14.95 for an 8 mL vial sprayer. Better yet, $1 from every purchase will be donated towards organizations focused on saving and conserving the habitats of these endangered animals while battling deforestation, poachers and climate change.Want to make even more of an impact? Give an additional donation directly to the Wildlife Conservation Society and Red Panda Organization!

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