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Here’s How to Make Self-Care Sunday, Everyday


Here’s How to Make Self-Care Sunday, Everyday

Now more than ever, self-care is of the essence. You cannot control all the craziness outside, but you can control how well you take care of your mind, body and soul. 

Here are all of our fave products to help you take your mind off things and upgrade your self-care sesh:  

SATURDAY SKIN Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream

Harnessing the illuminating and refreshing powers of date seed extract, Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream stays true to its name. Dark circles, soft wrinkles and undereye puffiness stand no chance against the patented peptide complex with nutrient fruit extracts, so you’ll always look like you’ve had enough beauty sleep, even when the truth may slightly differ(wink,wink). 

To add this self-care skincare essential to your queue, click on the link below:

KOPARI Coconut Cleansing Oil

Smelling like a tropical getaway in a bottle and feeling utterly pampering on skin, Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil dissolves dirt and impurities without strippping skin from its essential moisture or leaving behind a thick, oily residue. Post-cleanse softness, guaranteed. 

To add this Kopari product to your queue, click on the link:

WANDER BEAUTY Lift Off Purifying & Brightening Peel Off Mask (Berry Pearl)

Wander Beauty’s wonder-working mask is the way to infuse brightness into skin and restore dull-looking skin. Enriched with acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen and green tea extracts, the formula works to absorb impurities, detoxify skin and boost radiance. 

To add this Wander Beauty product to your queue, click on the link:

THE BETTER SKIN CO. Better Skin Mirakle Cream

Stay home, stay healthy and stay gorgeous with Better Skin Mirakle Cream. A secret traditional recipe from Uzbekistan handcrafted in USA, this is a multi-purpose cream that relies on the joint powers of coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, and soothing algae to diminish wrinkles, hydrate skin and increase its radiance and luminosity.

To add this Better Skin Mirakle Cream to your queue, click on the link here:

CAMPO Relax Blend Roll-On Oil

Self-care in a nutshell, or better in a super sleek roll on oil This Relax aromatherapy oil feels like wrapping yourself in a bubble of calmness, and forgetting about all the craziness outside, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Loaded with French lavender, rosemary, frankincense, neroli orange blossom, sweet orange and bitter orange, Campo’s roll on oil slows down the nervous system to calm down your mind, body and promote relaxation naturally.

To add this amazing aromatherapy roll on oil, click here:

PURSOMA Digital Detox Bath Soak

Imagine turning off your phone, filling your bath with hot water, pouring the contents of PURSOMA’s: Digital Detox Bath Soak and next, the weight of the world is off your shoulders. Upgrading your bath routine, Pursoma’s pampering bath soak contains french green clay and sea salt to purge your body from toxins and leave you feeling fresh and centered. 

Turn off your phone, relax and unwind, but not before adding this Pursoma bath soak to your queue:

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