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Have a New Year’s Resolution? You’ll need a fragrance to match3 min read

12/27/2017 2 min read
New Year's Resolution Fragrance

Have a New Year’s Resolution? You’ll need a fragrance to match3 min read

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Planning new ways to improve your life, yourself, your scent in 2018? We’ve got the fragrances to match all of your new year resolutions.

Get Fit

Eating right and boosting your exercise routine is an admirable goal. If you need a whiff of inspiration before you hit the gym, spray Thirdman’s Eau Moderne on your wrists. With a citrusy mix of lime, neroli and bergamot, this fragrance contributes to feelings of alertness and will leave you smelling great before and after an intense workout.

Up Your Social Life

We know, we know: it’s always easier to duck under the covers – especially in winter months – but fulfilling and ramping up your social commitments can help ease the post-holiday blues. For an extra dose of confidence, try dabbing a bit of Joya’s Foxglove perfume oil on your wrists. Honeyed jasmine, bitter orange and fresh grass provides a relaxing scent-sory experience that might even start conversation!

Boost Confidence

You know the mantra: New Year, New You. Embrace change, focus on the positives and smell positively delicious while doing it. Try Versace’s Bright Crystal. Magnolia, peony and pomegranate combine to create an uplifting and feminine scent, plus it is one of the most popular perfumes on our site.

Save Up

Holding onto your hard-earned cash will reap rewards long-term, but can be a bit tricky when everyone else is cashing on post-holiday bargains. Fill your senses with Clinique’s Happy Heart, a mix of hyacinth, cucumber and white woods, the epitome of feel-good energy.

Go Exploring

Embarking on a new journey – or several – in 2018? Don’t forget to pack your monthly Scentbird installments. That way, each fragrance will remind you of the different places you have visited throughout the year.

Here’s to an adventurous, exciting and inspiring new year. Tag #perfectlittletrips on Instagram, and follow Scentbird’s journey in 2018.


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