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Have a New Year’s Resolution? You’ll need a fragrance to match

New Year'S Resolution Fragrance

Have a New Year’s Resolution? You’ll need a fragrance to match

Planning new ways to improve your life, yourself, and your scent in 2021? We’ve got the fragrances to match all of your new year resolutions. From uplifting brews to help you beat those January blues, to a medley guaranteed to whisk you away in a single spritz, check out the scents that will start the new year off on all the right notes.

Get Fit

Eating right and boosting your exercise routine is an admirable goal. If you need a whiff of inspiration before you hit the treadmill, spray Philosophy’s Amazing Grace on your wrists. With a citrusy mix of musk, white flowers, and bergamot, this fragrance contributes to feelings of alertness and will leave you smelling and feeling great before and after an intense workout.

Amazing Grace

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Up Your Social Life

We know, we know: it’s always easier to duck under the covers – especially with the pandemic and all the snow outside – but fulfilling and ramping up your social albeit virtual commitments can help ease the post-holiday blues. For an extra dose of confidence, try dabbing a bit of Tous Love Me on your wrists. Honeyed jasmine petals, grapefruit, and lychee provides a relaxing scent-sory experience that will have you crowned the queen of the group chat!


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Boost Confidence

If, like us, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to try new things every month but have no idea what your thing is, don’t fret, because we’ve got you. No, really we do. Because trying out new scents with Scentbird every month is what we do best. And since we’re really awesome, we’re helping you by shortlisting some of our HQ’s fave scent for this time of the year: Versace’s Bright Crystal: Magnolia, peony, and pomegranate combine to create an uplifting and feminine scent.

Bright Crystal

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Save Up

Holding onto your hard-earned cash will reap rewards long-term, but can be a bit tricky when everyone else is cashing on post-holiday bargains. Fill your senses with Clinique’s Happy Heart, a mix of hyacinth, cucumber, and white woods, for the epitome of feel-good energy.

Happy Heart By Clinique

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Go Exploring

We all miss traveling, and hopefully in 2021 we get back to doing what we all love: Experiencing new places, cultures and meeting some exciting inhabitants of our Pale Blue Dot. Until then, we’ll have to rely on our scents time and place travel propensities. Memoire Archives By the Sea is a scent that plants you on a sea rock, with sun worshiping your SPF-lathered skin and the sea breeze blowing kisses on your nose, carrying it with it notes of mandarins from the local orchards, magnolia blooms and the unusual accords of sunny dunes.

By The Sea Eau De Toilette

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Here’s to an adventurous, exciting and inspiring new year. Tag #Scentbird on Instagram, and follow our journey in 2021.

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