Green Color, Personality Types and Green Perfumes

Green Color, Personality Types And Green Perfumes

Green Color, Personality Types and Green Perfumes

To some, green color is the color of envy, immaturity or money. However,it’s also the color of balance, emotional maturity and well-being.

Green is the color of awakening, of new beginning, of birth. It is also the color of spring, of hope.

Id-100279875When it comes to green perfumes, my first association with them is fresh. It evokes images of fresh cut grass, of crushed mint leaves, of green apples and lily of the valley.

The color green helps us to see situations clearly from all sides

If we believe color psychology, green is the color of unspoiled and untouched beauty, nature, abundance, fertility and life. The color green is also known as eye resting color. Green signifies self-respect and wellbeing. It is the color of equilibrium, learning, growth and harmony.

Id-10074286Fresh and subtle

Green perfumes do not suit everyone. They are fresh, subtle and stay close to skin. Like a secret love affair or a crush you want to keep to yourself, afraid that confession might dispel its magic.

Versense by Versace: It’s a perfume that lures you into its world of freshness and energy. With notes like bergamot, cardamom, Virginia cedar and fig, it will reinvigorate your entire mind, body and soul.

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermes: Its main note is grass, so you can imagine how fresh this perfume is. Paired together with a feast of fruity notes, it is a perfume that will remind you that life is beautiful over and over again.

Eau Parfumee au The Vert by Bvlgari: An olfactory ode to Mother Nature. With the medicinal effects of green tea leaves and the refreshing effects of lemon, having this perfume is like spraying health and well-being directly onto your skin and soul as well.

Be Delicious by Donna Karan: Fresh and flirty, just like a flowing skirt or a bright smile. A perfume saturated with color green and all of its green wonders.

Green perfumes, anyone?

Green is the anticipation of better things to come. Of hope. So, if every woman on this world starts using a green perfume for one month only, the world will become a better place. Or, a better smelling place, at least.

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