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Got holidays on your mind? With Bahamas by Nateeva, get it on your skin too

Bahamas Eaudeparfum

Got holidays on your mind? With Bahamas by Nateeva, get it on your skin too

Major floral styles aren’t going anywhere for SS17. And with Nateeva the go-to brand for laid-back vacation scent staples, it’s time to take your pick and get into the swing of spring.

Bahamas by Nateeva: Inspired by the exoticism of the radiant Elder Flower, Nateeva’s Bahamas unearths the soul of each petal, draping around your skin with a silk like touch. The complimentary notes of Neroli Absolute, Essence of Orange Flower, Linden Blossoms, White Woods and Skin Musk add to the authentic feel of a true exotic escape.

Although the summer is just appearing on the horizon, nobody is stopping you from daydreaming of sun-kissed skin, chilled-out beach days and adding that bikini to bag. Add a perfume to the mix and you have pure bliss.

While we wait for that perfect getaway, Bahamas by Nateeva should do the trick. Elder flower, the main note of the fragrance fills up the air around you, transporting you to an isolated exotic sanctuary where the water is crystal clear and the rustling palms are towering above you.

When Bahamas sets on your skin, you’ll already see yourself grabbing a cocktail and strolling across the pink sandy path, where the sun is bidding goodbye till tomorrow.

So while you count the days until that perfect getaway marked in the iCal, consider getting this fragrant substitute for summer.

Bahamas By Nateeva


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