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Going Au Naturel with So Nude by CoSTUME NATIONAL

So Nude By Costume National

Going Au Naturel with So Nude by CoSTUME NATIONAL

In celebration of my self-confidence and #NoMakeupDay, today I am wearing So Nude by CoSTUME NATIONAL.  It’s a perfume that exudes undeniable simplicity and celebrates effortless, raw, unmasked beauty.

So Nude Edp By Costume NationalThis olfactive encapsulation of a female’s naked skin touches it with butterfly’s gentleness and recites love poems to it. So Nude by CoSTUME NATIONAL smells like flushed skin tinged with flowers on the morning after. There’s exotic, intimate warmth and innocent plunge of floral perfection radiating from every pore soaked in So Nude.

The white floral scent leads you straight to the world of possibilities: you just need to discover all that comes forward through a mist of gentle, yet completely distinctive scented notes. Top notes open abruptly with an elegant mix of cumin, cardamom and neroli that commands attention by circling the scented initial tone with sophisticated spiciness. The heart of the scent offers a handful of floral notes led by the royal Damascus rose with tuberose and ylang-ylang, its scented minions. Very fragrant, the petals of this rose glisten on your skin and completely enchant you by having an intimate dialogue with your inner self. This is dreamy and romantic scented evolution in the dry down. The base notes are all about decisive determination that marks the fearless mix of Indonesian patchouli and Virginian cedar. The freshness of Virginian cedar is combined with the creamy, deep fragrant invasion of patchouli that is strong yet bright and translucent.

So Nude is comforting and unique, just like you. When in need of a scent that stays close to your skin with a spark of uniqueness to it, reach for So Nude EDP by CoSTUME NATIONAL. With spicy start and clean floral finish, you’ll feel cozy from the night out to night in transformation.


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