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Forecast: New Amazing Drops Ahead


Forecast: New Amazing Drops Ahead

As always, our new fragrances drop at the beginning of every month, and May’s going to be pretty scent-sational.

We have 15 new scent arrivals, two brand-new (sorry, not sorry) brand additions to our massive portfolio and probably Italy’s finest lifestyle label as our Featured Brand of the month. 

Sustainably-harvested ingredients, clean, and natural scents are in the focus in May, as we’re all about saying spraying it with a clean conscience, and even cleaner planet. You will have the utmost pleasure to revel in the beauty of the first ever water based perfumes, as well as the knowledge that a beloved brand has just made its comeback on the perfumery scene, and we’re featuring all of its best-selling scents in our catalog.

Which brands we’re talking about? You’ll have to come back here soon and check. You know what they say about delayed gratification. 

Check your emails.

Check the blog.

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May is going to be BIG.

And smell beautifully. Stay tuned!

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