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Focus On Kenneth Cole Mankind Fragrance Collection


Focus On Kenneth Cole Mankind Fragrance Collection

The Kenneth Cole Mankind fragrance collection is for the innovators and thinkers who push mankind forward. Accomplished and uniquely individual, this man looks to Kenneth Cole for sophisticated, bold scents that inspire and empower. This dynamic fragrance collection has the power to transform the way you feel in a single spray. Scroll below to read all about each cologne individually. 


Mankind Unlimited

Blended with notes of citrus and a dash of spices, this fresh cologne brings unrivaled confidence that appeals to those who live life to the fullest.  Created with the resourceful, and adventure-driven man in mind, Mankind Unlimited is an explosion of invigorating scents contrasting with fresh spices against warm woods, combining elements from across the globe. The dichotomy of warm and cool notes makes this scent uniquely modern and masculine. 

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Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy

MANKIND Legacy is a dynamic new scent that brings an exciting edge to the collection and awakens the sense. Opening with a combination of citrus and spices, the aromatic notes of sage provide a lively freshness and surge of energy; calming lavender follows, evoking feelings of nostalgia. At the heart of the fragrance warm, stable notes of cedarwood and refined Vetiver create a long-lasting scent, reminding us the importance of building on our own history.

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Mankind Hero, captures the essence of the bold individuals that make a difference in our lives everyday. This heroic scent reminds us that everyone can be a hero to someone. The fougere oriental fragrance contains top notes of Italian lemon and coriander seeds, mid notes of lavender, clary sage, and vanilla infusion and dries down with notes of amber woods, whitemoss, and musks. This compelling and invigorating scent inspires the inner hero in us all.

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