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FALL 2020 Woody Scents Edit: Into The Woods


FALL 2020 Woody Scents Edit: Into The Woods

Lush and moody with inklings of country walks, rain-drenched forests and bonfire evenings, woody notes are the cornerstones of the perfumery world. Woody perfumes of the past were known for playing it safe; pairing the accord with sharp notes of vetiver to enhance the leafiness or exaggerating its dry aspects through marriage with florals.

Much like everything else, woody fragrances have undergone a transformation in the last decade, especially through the process of balancing and blending seemingly opposite aromas: woods with fruits, tea accords, marine and gourmand notes. The new age woody scents are sensual, fleshy and downright gorgeous. And we got them all on our list:



In Get A Room, mandarin and apple envelop the cypress wood like a bark, creating a juicy layer that contrasts the wood’s evergreen qualities. A soft wash of vanilla, praline and a touch of spice power this out of mellow territory and right into the realms of seduction and intrigue. 

Sexy is a word that’s tossed around a lot in the fragrance world—but in this case, it’s the perfect descriptor. A.k.a. Our favorite can’t-miss date-night option. 

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SCENTS OF WOOD Sandalwood in Oak 

Sandalwood In Oak

Refined and easy-to-wear, it blends dainty sweet vanilla with a medley of  sandalwood, sage and burnt sugar to create a scent that’s fresh, but with enough warmth to keep things smokey and interesting.

“This one really comes across as mystical for me. It smells Earthy and as comfortable as a Barefoot Dreams cardigan.”, writes sabrina A., a member of our scent tribe, and we couldn’t agree more. 

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AMOUAGE Beach Hut Woman 

Beach Hut Woman By Amouage

You’d think this woody-aquatic combo with summery name would be too light for fall, but the blend of driftwood, cashmeran wood, sea notes and patchouli prepares a surprise with its bold, narcotic effect. 

The accompanying notes of zesty bergamot and sweet ylang ylang round out the composition, making Beach Hut Woman the perfect everyday pick for your fragrance bucket list. 

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Red Panda By Sanctuary

A fragrance staple for everyone, Red Panda is an aromatic woody scent revisited in a modern way. The alliance of cashmere wood and bamboo gets an injection of fruity red berries and white tea mix for an elegant scent that starts fresh and settles into a soft woody red panda purr.

Inspired by the plight of various organizations to prevent the extinction of endangered animals and the destruction of their habitats, Sanctuary is a clean, conscious, socially-responsible brand that’s meant to stir your senses and spur you into action. Proceeds from Red Panda will be donated to various organizations that protect particularly threatened animal species in the wild.

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