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Eros by Versace: Valentine’s Day Cologne Women Are Loving

Eros By Versace


Eros by Versace: Valentine’s Day Cologne Women Are Loving


With a lengthy record of making women swoon and cozying up to you, Versace’s Eros is the one cologne not to be missed this Valentine’s Day.

As a fragrance that restores Versace’s former splendor, Eros’s beauty lies in its complex structure yet simplistic appeal.

In its definition, Eros is a divine masculine scent of vanillic casual tranquility which descends upon your skin as a great force of nature.

In its reality, even with its explicitly masculine inclinations, I see the magnetism Eros has on women, which stems from the exotic Madagascar vanilla lure.

The cologne opens with fierce and zesty mentholated apple and lemon combo, followed by the curious iridescent appearance of sweet tonka bean and Ambroxan.

As soon as these notes fade away, the dry down exhibits a mix of coumarin, cedar, mint and the amazing flavor of vanilla: a spicy vegetal meets sweet woody conference of notes, which despite the sweetness display very masculine nuances.

The Ancient Greek God of Love and Desire is a sign of masculinity, and its fragrant namesake is a sign of masculine modern fragrance.

Isn’t always leather, citrus, tobacco, dark oud, or woody themes which determine the masculinity of certain fragrances, and this Versace fragrance is a living, very strong proof of this claim.

Very intense, ultra-modern, warm cuddly fragrance with pronounced projection, a true compliment magnet.

There are very, very few things hotter to women than a man wearing Eros, and this is a scented fact.


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