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Discover The Top February Cologne Choices Here and Now


Discover The Top February Cologne Choices Here and Now

To save you from the tedious task of roaming fragrance aisles or reading fragrance reviews for hours trying to find out the one cologne that will help you level up your game, we’ve streamlined your search by compiling a list of the colognes that perform excellent in the cozy cold February weather.

John Varvatos EDT by John Varvatos

Geared towards the casual gentleman, John Varvatos EDT spiced up woody scent radiates warmth and relaxed vibes.

Powerful and intriguing, the cologne embraces the sweetness of fig and plum – a welcome softer side of its otherwise hyper masculine composition. All the while, precious and exotic spices mingle on a base of the forest form the backbone of this fragrance.

Rich and reassuring, John Varvatos EDT is verging on signature scent territory. It packs a bold statement, perfect for cold weather.

Dylan Blue by Versace

Often, we believe all cologne smells the same – think citrus or vetiver mixed with something like aftershave – however this Versace number surprised with a dash of rich tonka and subtle violet.

The sweet petals mingle with assertive Calabrian bergamot, plenty of citrus, musk, tonka bean, incense and saffron with a deep green woody,fougere finish.

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Spirited and playful, Burberry’s London for Men is an exuberant scent with an oriental creamy tobacco character.

London for Him opens with a blast of cinnamon over citrus notes. As the scent develops on the skin, the zestier notes disperse, allowing the stronger spicy notes to shine.

The base is a delicious tease, with aromatic Guaiac wood and earthy oak moss warranting the cologne exuberant complexity.

Kenneth Cole Black BoldBlack Bold by Kenneth Cole

With an authoritative tone – evident in the herbaceous mix of spices, water, mint, mandarin orange, basil, ginger, and cedar – Black Bold is appropriately named.

The effort to answer the fragrance needs for an urban scent results in the concoction of a warm leathery wood base, with incense, woody notes, nutmeg, lotus, suede and violet leaf leaping off the skin as a hard-to-ignore testament of style.

This rich, powerful collaboration between Kenneth Cole and Harry Fremont is made for the man who believes being bold is not an option, but a lifestyle.


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