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Destination Fragrances

Destination Fragrances
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Destination Fragrances


Making alluring, relaxing or elegant fragrances for the market are standard.

But once in a while, perfume designers make a fragrance that reminds them of a city or country they found unforgettable.

Lucky for us, we have the chance to appreciate these scents of an Italian villa or the city of lights.

Here are five fragrances that will transport you to a far off destination without packing your suitcase.

Bon Voyage!


Myny By Dkny

DKNY MYNY by Donna Karan: Inspired by New York, the city synonymous with Donna Karan, MYNY is designed to capture a summer day in the city that never sleeps. A mixture of patchouli, raspberry, and pink pepper, this perfume’s boldness is as strong as the statue of liberty and as beautiful as Central Park.


London By Burberry

London by Burberry: Our next stop is jolly old England where London is home to Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. Inspired by pulse of the old and contemporary city, this floral fruity fragrance contains tangerine, honeysuckle and rose notes. The dry down leaves patchouli and sandalwood for a classic London style feel.


Parisienne By Yves Saint Laurent

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent: According to YSL, this is the fragrance not for Parisians, but for the woman who wants to live in Paris and appreciate the city of love. Who wouldn’t want to live in the city that has The Louvre, The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower? Containing blackberry, cranberry, peony and violet; this elegant fragrance will whisk you away to some Parisian café in the boulevard Saint-Michel.

Shutterstock_St Tropez

Fleur De Cristal By Lalique

Fleur De Cristal by Lalique: When it comes to summer getaways, the French Riviera is the place to be.  St. Tropez is the ideal destination encapsulated in Fleur De Cristal by Lalique. This fragrance with floral notes of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine is entwined with musk and carnation for a summertime elegant feel anytime of the year.


Soleil De Capri By Montale

Soleil de Capri by Montale: For those who prefer the Italian Riviera, Capri is a paradise full of beautiful architecture and great scenic views. With notes of kumquat, grapefruit, white flowers, and musk, it’s another summer fragrance of delight and joy.

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