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Dear Scentbirdies, we proudly present…Carven Parfums!3 min read

07/12/2016 2 min read

Dear Scentbirdies, we proudly present…Carven Parfums!3 min read

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Carven Parfums on Scentbird

Dear Scentbirdies, we proudly present…Carven Parfums!

If scent was the only form of communication, Carven would have been the most elaborate conversationalist at the perfumed table.

Always one step ahead of the times, Carven Perfumery pioneered the idea of materializing perfume as an everyday, must-have luxury.

Born in the dark times of WWII, when perfumes weren’t high on the survival agenda, Carven fragrances conveyed the message of hope and unbreakable spirit.

The personal story of Marie-Louise Carven, the alter-ego of Carmen de Tomasso, is actually one where she defies destiny and wins.

Labeled “hopelessly inelegant” by her mother due to her petite frame, Madame Carven set out to defy and change the rigid war-ridden outlook of social elegance.

Creation of the first-ever collection marketed towards small-sized women put Carven on the map of brazen haute couture designers.

The creation of Carven’s debut perfume put her in the celestial fragrance database.

Ma Griffe, French for My Claw, speaks of the animalistic desire of every woman to mark the boundaries of her territory of influence. It’s a perfume simply made for indulgence., a perfume igniting passion with a contagious impact.

Soon, the whole world falls victim to its seduction, and the trance continues even today…

Ma Griffe staged the scene for the grand show, for what we hope is a never-ending flow of amazing fragrances, such as Carven Le Parfum and Carven Pour Homme.

At the core of Carven perfumery is the conviction that each perfume adopts the prefix “My” as soon as it melts on your skin, leaving a unique mark, a one-of-a-kind olfactive fingerprint.

Even after more than 70 years of playing the role of a fragrance maverick among conformists, Carven has no intention of passing down the crown.

Scentbird is so pleased to welcome Carven Parfums as the newest additions to its fragrance nest.

Carven Parfums on Scentbird

Carven Le Parfum and Carven Pour Homme will be Scentbird’s Perfume and Cologne of the Month for August. If you were on the lookout for that something to enrich your summer experience, I suggest you start your hunt with the scents carrying the Carven label on Scentbird.

For $14.95, Scentbird is your monthly pass to fragrant elegance, chicness and refinement.

To join Scentbird or learn more about this luxurious fragrance service, click here:


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