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The Best Fragrances for March Birthday Celebrants

March Scents Personality

The Best Fragrances for March Birthday Celebrants

Are you a March baby? This one’s for you….

We’ve gathered the facts, stats, and a few careful observations about individuals born in March to help you discover your perfect fragrance match.

Who you are:

  • People born in March have a magnetic personality, and they will hardly ever go unnoticed.
  • They are gentle to the point of hypersensitivity.
  • They are mysterious, and do not like to reveal their deepest secrets.
  • Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.
  • They crave peace and tranquility.

Olfactory match:  

L’eau d’Issey EDT by Issey Miyake for her and Vetiver by Roja Parfums for him

L’eau D’issey By Issey Miyake Scentbird

Issey Miyake’s iconic scent blending lotus flower and  lily-of-the-valley, melon and water peony makes it feel super-fresh. An aquatic floral scent that evokes spring, this one shines on every pulse point.

Why you’ll love it: Issey Miyake is renowned for creating enigmatic and complex fragrances. This scent is totally unique , just like those born in March.

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Vetiver Roja

Vetiver by Roja Parfums wears like a smart, bespoke suit. At first, the scent has sharp bursts of citrus but this soon gives way to a smooth floral heart; while a medley of vetiver, nutmeg and warm cedar notes round out the base.

Why you’ll love it: Roja’s Vetiver is incredibly versatile: the scent’s initial brightness transitions into warmer tones, providing March-men with a scent that works perfectly in all occasions.

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Wild card pick: Composition No.1 by Joya

Composition No.1 Porcelain Bottle

Composition No.1 by Joya is a unisex number full of powdery rose accords. Petals, exotic tonka bean and sandalwood come together to create an unpredictable aromatic outcome that we can’t stop thinking about…

Musk provides a radiant backdrop for citrus-dipped petals, making this fragrance a smart choice  for any occasion.

Why you’ll love it: The weather is all over the place, but this transeasonal scent is  not. Nice and fresh for days filled with sunshine but also warm for chilly March nights, this fragrance is next-level excellence.

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