Calling all March babies: we’ve gathered up the facts and stats – and a few careful observations – about individuals born in March in order to help you discover your perfect fragrance. Born between March 1 – March 31? This one’s for you….

Who you are:

  • People born in March have an attractive, magnetic personality, they will hardly ever go unnoticed.
  • They are gentle to the point where some people complain that they are hypersensitive.
  • Mysterious, do not like too easily to reveal their deepest secrets.
  • Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic .
  • They love peace and tranquility.

Olfactory match:  Black Orchid by Tom Ford for her and Noir EDT by Tom Ford for him

Tom Ford’s iconic scent of dark chocolate blended with an earthy mix of  truffles, florals, vanilla and incense makes it feel super sexy.; A spicy gourmand scent that recalls Old Hollywood, from all of its best angles.

Why you’ll love it: Tom Ford is known for creating enigmatic and complex fragrances. Rare, just like your own personality and the mysterious qualities you cultivate, Black Orchid will  hold you from first spritz, leaving a trace of its smoky sweetness all day long.

Noir EDT by Tom Ford wears like a smart, custom-tailored suit:. The scent initially has a sharp bursts of citrus that gives way to an deep, reflective heart; with a medley of spices and oriental notes at its base.

Why you’ll love it: Tom Ford’s Noir EDT edition promises and delivers versatility: the scent’s initial playfulness transitions into warmer tones, providing March-men with a scent that works perfectly a dimly-lit bar or at ultra-cool rooftop party.

Olfactory match: Since wanderlust is known to strike March-born people L’eau D’issey Absolue by Issey Miyake for her and L’ Eau D’ Issey Pour Homme EDT by Issey Miyake for him can quench the desire go, see and do – all in one scent!

An interpretation of Issey Miyake’s signature scent, Absolue is centered around a night-blooming jasmine accord. A heady kick of honey with lotus and freesia awaits in the middle, while vanilla bourbon tempers sweetness in the base. The honey note comes directly from Provence, so you’ll carry a little bit of France wherever you go.

L’ Eau D’ Issey Pour Homme EDT: citruses, exotic spices and dry tobacco come together to create a fresh and unpredictable outcome for an extremely pleasant scent.  Yuzu provides a radiant backdrop for the richer nutmeg and cinnamon notes, making this Miyake number perfect for any occasion.

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