Best Summer Fragrances For The World Traveler


Best Summer Fragrances For The World Traveler

Getting ready for your summer escape? We’ve compiled our fave scents inspired by exotic destinations to keep you smelling great, wherever the road takes you.

Sydney Rock Pool 1

Sydney Rock Pool by Arquiste

Want to bottle up an Aussie summer? Arquiste has done just that with a winning combo of coconut, mineral notes, amber, sea salt and driftwood. The result is a coconut woody fragrance that flies you to one of Sydney’s famous Rock Pools, with its Pacific breeze and crystal clear waters.

A warm-weather must-have, Sydney Rock Pool is perfect for the beach or balmy summer evenings.

Luxe De Venise

Luxe de Venise by Catherine Malandrino

Smells like a dreamy stroll in romantic Venice, this fragrance is made up of ripe fruit blended with jasmine and rose. Crushed geranium petals are delicious in the dry down, while warm amber amplifies that dolce vita vibe perfectly.

Spray when you’re craving distance lands and foreign accents.

Vanira Moorea By Berdoues

Vanira Moorea by Berdoues

Vanira Moorea is the world’s most beautiful island you’ve probably never heard of… but don’t worry about booking flights, Berdoues has whipped up a fruity concoction inspired by this gorge sea-scape.  

Fresh fruit gets a sophisticate turn with vanilla, orange and petitgrain (an essential oil extracted from orange leaf), reminiscent of turquoise waters and emerald cliffs. Ready to dive in?

Abbott Nyc Cape

The Cape by Abbott NYC

With notes of ginger, mint, oakmoss and a hint of patchouli, this Abbott NYC scent is a breezy escape to Cape Cod: fresh, aquatic and just a bit spicy. Digging salty ocean air at night? Spritz liberally.

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